Welcome to the Angel 222 site devoted to the understanding and apprecition of the Angel 222 Phenomenon. 

  • Are we contacted by the spirits of those who have passed before us?
  •  Are there messages carried by angels to reassure us that All is Well - or will be?  
  •  Maybe you have seen 222 at home or in your surroundings and wondered " Why does this number keep popping up?"


About 222:

In every day life, and especially during troubling times, we may experience messages and signs of a spiritual nature. There is a belief that these messages may be carried down from heaven to us by angels, and that there is a consistent element to them - especially regarding numbers.  Number sequences seem to have special meaning.


Angel 222 messages urge you to be confident and firm in your conviction - and to be peacful in life knowing your outcome will be joyous. 222 is the number of patience, balance and confidence. A recurring number 2 is an inspiration reminding you to be strong and faithful to your convictions, and to persevere despite obstacles.


The good results will come in time, even if they may now appear "overdue!" This Angel message is a sign you must not ignore.  Take heart, Angel 222 is a gift from above, a treasure that reassures us just when we need it most.



Send us your Angel 222 stories and pictures. Write to us about your experiences.  We'll post them here for all to enjoy.  You may also post questions which will be answered by visitors of this site.



"222" is real, and bigger than you thought.

Steve and Stephanie